Five reasons for Roma in the Champions League

The championship has now reached its final phase and Roma is in second place with only two days to play. It seems almost made for direct access to the final stages of the Champions League but unfortunately there are two other teams that fight to enter directly and avoid the preliminary phase: the "cousins" of Lazio and Napoli.

From our point of view, however, Rome has five excellent reasons to be able to aim directly for direct access to the Champions League and we want to list them precisely to avoid all possible doubts that every fan can (rightly) have.

  1. Garcia and his vision of football

    Rudi Garcia Udinese-Roma derby
    Many criticized him, especially when Roma found themselves in difficulty and put aside one defeat after another. However, the French coach has shown that he can train and above all motivate a group built in any case not for a long time, with two key players (Totti and De Rossi) and many other more or less strong players. Certainly the failure of a football player to pay a huge price like Iturbe can also be attributed to him, but not only….
  2. Enthusiasm of the fans

    Roma fans are to be considered objectively as one of the reasons why Rome can aspire to access to the final phase of the Champions League. In fact, especially in recent matches, the contribution of the fans is crucial and seeing the Olympic Stadium always full is certainly one more reason for the team to always give its best.

  3. The bookmakers' forecasts for the Roma games

    The well-known sports betting site with a particular focus on football highlighted an important "score" of the Giallorossi: in the last 5 games Roma was always given as a favorite, which is rather unusual considering that Garcia's team came from a period characterized by ups and downs. The site in question, also very famous thanks to the contribution of its collaborators, all professional bettors, highlighted how the odds proposed for victory were extremely advantageous and attractive.

  4. Average quality of the rose
    Rome-Lazio Serie A
    As we know, footballers are the soul of football teams. This rule also applies to the Giallorossi, who have two immovable cornerstones in Totti and De Rossi. The captain, in particular, at 38 years also impressed in the Champions League, scoring a memorable goal against Manchester City, while Captain Futuro represents an immovable holder not only in the first team but also in the Italian national team.

  5. Quality of competitors

    With only two days left to play, every energy can be fundamental for the final goal. This is why Lazio, for example, could fall with the next championship game that will play against…. Roma, in a derby that promises to be truly fiery and following another important commitment: the Italian Cup which will be played next Wednesday, for which the Lazio players will have to face Juventus. Napoli, on the other hand, the other great competitor, will have to deal after Cesena with Juventus and finally with Lazio in an absolute clash for participation in Europe that counts. The air you breathe in Fuorigrotta is not the best given the departure of Benitez at the end of the championship and perhaps also of the technical director Bigon and the failure to participate in the Europa League final could heavily affect the morale of his flagship player, Gonzalo Higuain, weakening its danger.

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