El Shaarawy remains in Rome: Sabatini studies the solution

Rome seems to have all the intentions of keep Stefan El Shaarawy in yellow and red. AC Milan has indicated that it will not grant extensions or discounts to the Giallorossi club: either Roma will redeem the player within the set deadline or the player will return to Milan. Given the good relations between the two companies and given Rome's willingness to buy the player outright, the managers are trying to arrive at a solution that satisfies everyone from an economic point of view.

Here are the developments of the situation.

El Shaarawy: Roma want to keep the player

In all likelihood, the official stay of El Shaarawy in the yellow and red will be discovered towards the end of the month, perhaps even a few days after the deadline granted by Adriano Galliani (21-22 June) for the redemption of the player. Roma want to keep the player but is looking for a solution that does not excessively affect the balance sheets.

Milan would like the player's price (13 million) to be paid in a single solution while Roma would like a deferred payment. Difficult to think that Rome and Milan come to a clash given the good relationships: a solution could be to consider also how much the Rossoneri owe to Rome again for the purchase of Alessio Romagnoli.

In the last few hours, another hypothesis has come forward in the pages of the newspapers: as reported by Corriere dello Sport, Rome could postpone the official arrival of El Shaarawy in yellow and red. Even if the terms for the ransom expire the Giallorossi could buy the player directly from Milan after July 1st. This would allow not to burden the current budget.

If this hypothesis does not go through, Roma will stick to the established terms but in this case it is likely that before it is necessary to wait for the transfer of some player.