Rome-Palermo, betting tips: prediction and betting odds

Rome-Palermo, William Hill's advice for betting on betting odds and predictions

Roma-Palermo, Serie A odds, betting tips and advice.

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The championship for Roma by Rudi Garcia has now come to an end: after the victory for 2-1 in the derby against Lazio, the Giallorossi have reached the goal second place in Serie A behind the winner Juventus, valid for the direct Champions League and which will bring in the boxes of James Pallotta 50 million euros to be reinvested on the market.

The Capitoline club therefore has nothing more to ask for in this championship and, Sunday 31 May at 20:45 in the match Roma-Palermo, most likely mister Garcia will give space to young people and to those players who in this 2015-2015 season have had little space since the 1st minute. So we offer tips for doing betting su Roma-Palermo, valid for 38th dayborn of Serie A, with the quote betting on William Hill and a and a forecast of the match that will be played on Sunday evening at 20:45 at the Olympic Stadium in Rome.

Rome-Palermo bets, betting odds

Predictions for the game Roma-Palermo, they see the team of Rudi Garcia without any doubt. Both teams have reached their seasonal goals and therefore we will witness a quiet game, where however the Giallorossi will certainly try to snatch the victory in front of their public for this championship final. In fact, the bookmakers William Hill gives Rome the favorite landlady with the sign "1" to 1,40, while Palermo guests are listed on 8,00 with the sign “2". As for the draw instead, the sign "x”Always in Rome-Palermo is given to 4,50. So Rome starts clearly favored with the predictions compared to the opponents.

Prediction and advice on Rome-Palermo

Going to analyze the match in detail, a game sure enough to be able to win the slip, could be “Outcome1st Half / Final 1”Data to 1,90, as in the last home games Roma managed to score in the first half and close the match and bring the result home. While a riskier bet but one that can win more, it could be "Esito Finale 1 + No Goal"Listed on 2,50. Also, if you want to try to hate the exact result of the Rome-Udinese match, we recommend the 2-0 as a final prediction, given to 8,50.

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