Benatia departing from Monaco: Rome and Juve waiting

Bayern Munich confirmed the purchase of Mats Hummels for next season. This news confirms the idea that had already spread in recent months or that of a Mehdi Benatia further and further away from Bayern Munich's plans. The defender has never blossomed in the German team and his job has been sipped during the last season despite numerous injuries in the defensive department of the Guardiola team.

The player would like to return to play continuously and to do so, given the new competition, he will have to turn the page and look elsewhere. Benatia could return to play in Serie A but, at the moment, a great obstacle is represented by the engagement (and also by the price of the card requested by Bayern Munich). The player could be competing for Rome and Juventus without considering the interest of other foreign clubs.

Benatia: Rome-Juventus hypothesis

At the moment the Italian clubs most interested in the player would seem to be two: Roma where the player played in the 2013-2014 season and Juventus looking for reinforcement for his defensive department. First we have to deal with Bayern Munich which asks for 25 million euros for the player. Both Juventus and Rome they would hardly pay that amount.

The second hitch is the player's engagement: even if the defender decides to reduce part of the engagement for Roma it would be a cost that is difficult to sustain. Juventus could go closer to the player's requests especially if he managed to bring down the price of the card.

Someone has also speculated that Benatia may join the negotiation to bring Miralem Pjanic to black and white but at the moment it is difficult to understand how much this idea can adhere to reality.