Carlo Ancelotti in Star Trek?

A slightly different news from the usual, but it seemed appropriate to report it. The most attentive perhaps will remember a curious news that appeared in several newspapers in October 2015 right on Carlo Ancelotti, the most successful and legendary Italian coach in the world Roma midfielder from 1979 to 1987, which announced his participation in the latest Star Trek filmBeyond, which was released in theaters last June. Apparently, in fact, our former midfielder would be a fan of the science fiction saga, and, thanks to his wife's friendship with one of the protagonists of the film, he got the opportunity to participate in the shooting.
Carlo Ancelotti he had also talked about his experience in some interviews, but once the film was released the thing was unknown. Moreover, for those who have seen the film, there is not even a shadow of Ancelotti ... or so it seemed until now.
On the site Fantascienza.TV a comprehensive article on the story has been published and where Ancelotti is located is finally revealed. And in fact it is almost impossible to see, to understand that it is he who needs a still image and above all a strong lightening, since his character is practically in the dark.
Yet this appearance, or cameo, as this type of appearance is called, has not escaped the attentive eyes of fans who have truly "scanned" the film frame by frame in search of Carletto.