Lazio-Rome, tips and betting odds: Biancocelesti favorites

The highly anticipated derby in the capital is getting closer. There are only three days left for the stracittadina challenge Lazio-Roma, decisive in optics second place. The Biancocelesti are just one point away from the Giallorossi and could hit a sensational overtaking almost in the home straight. The team of Garcia, for its part, can play for two out of three results. Even a draw could go well in fact, since it would allow Roma to maintain the position ninety minutes from the end of the championship.

Between the two teams it is certainly the Lazio the one that gets better at this derby. The formation of Piolidespite defeat in Italian Cup final with Juventus, he still appears fit and energized for the appointment. The men of Garciainstead, they struggled much more than expected to overcome aUdinese without ranking goals. The bad season played weighs like a boulder in the heads of players who never give the impression of playing as smoothly as last year.

In light of all this, let's see some advice for those who want to venture into one schedina related to the derby. The task will be quite difficult, considering that by definition Lazio-Roma it's a game that eludes all odds.

Uncertainty reigns supreme even in the betting agency's oddsWilliam Hill. The English bookmaker sees slightly Lazio favored (2.37), with the victory of the Rome paid 2.90. A bet on the sign is much more profitable X, quoted at 3.40. It may not be a bad idea, since the Roman derby very often gives rise to nervous and blocked games. The drawit is also the result of the last two meetings between the two teams.

For those wishing to make a more detailed play, we see some good odds that allow you to take home a fair amount. The advantage of one of the two teams at the interval with a final drawfor example, it comes paid 15 times the mail. Given the best performance of Roma in the second half, one could try a "Lazio advantage / draw". As an exact result, a 1-1 listed at 7.00 it is not to be excluded, since it is a rather frequent result in the Lazio-Roma derby.

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