Mercato Manolas: the situation is complicated

They don't seem particularly easy weeks for Manolas. The Giallorossi defender would have asked for renewal with a contract adjustment to Roma but the two sides would not have yet reached an agreement. As if that wasn't enough among teammates, some annoyance will start to grow for the player's not particularly involved attitude.

The situation is not the simplest: if Manolas did not renew Rome and were to be sold in this market session, Rome would be forced to sell part of the income to theOlympiakos. For this reason, and also for the importance of the player in the yellow and red squad, the club has declared it several times unstoppable.

Renewal Manolas: it deals with society

What seems certain today is that the situation, in one way or another, will have to evolve in the coming weeks. The little discontents shown in training will not be able to continue for long. The player asks the club for a renewal that brings the engagement to at least 3 million (always less than the 4 proposed by Chelsea to the player) but Roma would be stuck at 2 million + seasonal bonuses.

We will continue to negotiate with Sabatini in the coming days which continues to ensure that the player will not be sold. For Roma it would be a negotiation that is not easy to manage since the 50% of the player's card is still in the hands of Olympiakos and half of the proceeds from the sale would go to Greek company.

Decisive day for Nacho

Meanwhile, even today could be a decisive day for the purchase of Nacho fernandez from Real Madrid. In the event of a favorable outcome, the player would join the group directly on the American tour since he is already in Canada with Real Madrid.

Rome awaits the meeting between the player's agent and the Real Madrid leaders but there do not seem to be any particular obstacles to the player's transfer to the yellow and red.